Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Drunken Neighbors Who Re-Introduce Themselves Even Though They've Talked to You Many Times Before

As I extended my hand to his, I noticed a red blotch on his hand. I wanted to pull away, but the constraints of etiquitte made me follow through. We shook hands as he re-introduced himself to me. I pulled away and the tackiness of that skinless patch transferred itself to my hand. One day (and multiple washes) later, I believe I still feel it.

Next time I will just wave and say, "Hey...how's it going?"

By the way, I just noticed that this is the 100th post on "Cuter in Bunny Ears!!" Thanks to all of the awesome guest artists who collaborated with me to make the world a cuter place. Let's keep going, shall we?


  1. what would you rather have the old guy with the wound or the rich snob jerk guy?

  2. This one is hilarious! Congrats on 100. We are getting close to that mark with Braza. You should throw a party. I shall attend in spirit.

  3. And you rubbed your hand on my shirt. Thanks a lot:p

    Yay!on 100th post!