A handful of people have asked me if they can submit their own images to "Cuter in Bunny Ears." I see no reason why I have to be the dictator of what gets bunny ears and what stays a little less cute. If you'd like to be a part of this blog, just follow these simple guidelines:

1) Think of something that could use bunny ears.

2) Create an image.
Feel free to work in the medium of your choice.  Pen on paper, photography, sculpture (for anyone out there who has too much time on his hands), crop circles...whatever.  Any style or ability level is welcome.  The quality is all in the concept.

3) Submit your image.
Once your image is complete, you can email it to  Please make sure the image is a jpeg, no smaller than 800 pixels by 800 pixels at 72 dpi and no larger than 5 MB.

By sending me artwork, you are declaring that the image was created entirely by you.  If you use photos, they must have been taken by you.  Do not send photos you found on the Internet!!  You must have permission from anyone who is featured in the photo.  Once you hit that send button, you are giving "Cuter in Bunny Ears," Bluefoot Studios, and Ryan Green permission to publish your image on  Should it be published, the image will be credited to your name (with a link to your web site if you'd like).

Sending your image does not guarantee it will be posted (even though most are).  Depending on previous content, what I've got in store for the future, and my mood, your image might sit on the shelf for weeks or forever.  I mean, you can keep sending me that pic of your mom in bunny ears, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna post it......or will I?

Oh, yeah...and make sure to send a title with your piece! It's all about the title.

Thanks for following the guidelines.  Now get out there and add some bunny ears!