Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sea Captains Who Are Looking for Love

Are you a sea captain who needs his bed rocked by something other than the ocean? Stop scouring the seas for that perfect first mate and make an account at Sea Captain Date!


  1. oooh i like the bed rocking line! very clever! you could totally have a backup job writing ad copy :D

  2. Haha yesssssssss!!! Why have a boy with a car when you can get a MAN WITH A BOAT?

  3. I think I could have lived my life without knowing about this - that was one creepy video! I guess next time he goes fishing he's gonna be using jail bait.

    Then again, it's probably better than having the sea as your mistress, since she smells fishy and there's a chance of catching crabs.

    PS: I noticed they have services for Sea Captains looking for guys - just in case they need more seamen on their poop deck! I'm sorry, but someone had to point that out.