Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lying Groundhogs

The news from Punxsutawney, PA is that Phil did not see his shadow this year. "No shadow" is supposed to forecast an early spring, but even if the blizzards stop in most of the country, the snow won't melt well into July. I'm onto you, Phil! Bunny ears!


  1. he should move to los angeles. then he'll see it.

  2. cute!!! he wants to be a lolcat so bad. silly groundhog, lols are for cats.

  3. looks like you're having waaaaaaay too much fun over here.

  4. Arlo: Years ago one groundhog DID move to LA and was cast next to Bill Murray. I heard he's a bit of a diva now.

    Azure: Thanks!

    Megan: Giving him the benefit of the doubt. Too kind.

    Hat: Lolcats dont haz copyright on lols!

    Tyree: XD