Monday, October 11, 2010

Over-Rated Food Trucks


  1. ouch! which one did you visit? Those Kogi tacos were great at the house warming party.

  2. He was just jealous of the King Kone truck that was at Nickelodeon last Monday.

  3. There was a social study done decades ago that looked at hazing in fraternities. The results showed a strong correlation between the level of hazing and the emotional attachment to the establishment. Simply, the more abuse a person goes through while trying to obtain a goal (locating the moving truck and standing in an absurdly long line), the more he "appreciates" the results. It's very similar to "buyer's remorse."

    Also, I just heard on the radio this morning that LA will require food trucks to post a visible letter grade like all restaurants have to do. Yay for cleanliness!